An Incredible Annoucement

December 1, 2017
13 Kislev 5778

Dear AJA Community,

It’s always a joy to be the bearer of good news - and to share an early Chanukah gift with our AJA family. (Ok, did I get your attention?) This Thursday (ish) Thoughts is a little delayed, as we had some final details to iron out before I could share.

Athletics play a vital role in our school. Not only for the crucial physical benefits, but also for the important lessons learned from sports - team building, empathy, dedication, commitment and chesed (towards teammates or opposing teams). I’m proud that we utilize AJA Athletics as not only a physical outlet, but as another opportunity to educate the “whole child” - including the social-emotional-ethical lessons we impart to our students.

Even though we have a gym, Imagination/ECD playgrounds, and ninja-warrior style Playground near our Soccer Field - there has been a void. Yes, I’m referring to Phase 2 of our Capital Campaign - a new Athletic Center near the US Building.

This new center has always been our goal, yet we wanted to insure that we were proceeding with 100% fiduciary responsibility. I am pleased to announce that we are now ready to proceed with Phase 2, as this project is now totally self-sufficient and will not have any impact on tuition, our operating budget, or our Annual Fund. We are confident that this endeavor will not rely on funds from other sources, other than the monies pledged, and will only enhance AJA's facilities, lead to opportunities for the school and appeal to current and prospective families.

Construction on our new Athletic Center will begin early next year! I am proud and beyond excited to say that thanks to a consortium of generous donors and AJA supporters, we have already reached OVER 75% of funds needed to build and maintain the new Athletic Center for our ECD - 12th Graders. (Toda! Toda! TODA!)

Pending final bank approval, the Athletic Center will be a valuable addition to our school, and I’m honored to announce that it will be named for a Woman of Valor who loved our school and was adored by all who knew her. 

The new Vivian Zisholtz z”l Sportsmanship Center will embody and encourage all of the values that were so important to Vivian. Barry and Vivian’s four children are GHA/YA alumni - she loved this school. Vivian knew the importance of athletics for team-building and sportsmanship - she also believed that all children deserve equal opportunities. To immortalize Vivian, the Center will be used for athletics, wellness, community service programs, and other AJA Community programs that bring her values to life. We also plan to connect with other schools and entities who are unable to provide space for their own programs.

We know Vivian would be proud. And, we hope you are, too! If you’d like to read more about Vivian, click HERE.

As this is an AJA Community center, we welcome your input. Do you have ideas of ways we can utilize this new Sportsmanship Center? Any specific programming suggestions such as a wellness area, healthy cooking classes, Occupational Therapy, yoga, etc? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any feedback or ideas.

I can imagine that you have questions, so HERE are some answers.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in our incredible Vivian Zisholtz z”l Sportsmanship Center!

Parshat Vayeshev
Parsha Vayishlach


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