L' chaim!

November 2, 2017
13 Cheshvan 5778



Dear AJA Community,

This past Sunday, we had our amazing L’chaim event in our new Upper School building. As I prepared my remarks for the evening, I went back and forth as to how I could sum up all of my thoughts about how we are finally all under one roof - in a way that I haven’t already shared. That was not easy. I knew that in that Beit Midrash, I’d be surrounded by a wonderful group of our AJA Community who already know the value of a Jewish Day School education. They often sing our praises and we are grateful for their support in so many ways.

As I racked my brain, I figured out that I could talk about how we are finally one Committed Connected Community. Nah. I could have talked about the excited Upper School students as they witnessed turning a beautiful room into the Beit Midrash with the dancing in of the Torahs. I’ve already done that. I could have talked about the generations of students that have walked the halls of YA and GHA and now have their children andgrandchildren at AJA. Ooh, that’s a good one, but been there. Done that. Although these are all important points, that room of folks had heard all of it before. Here I was, the week of the event, and I still didn’t know what to speak about.

So, when in doubt...look to the Torah. And so I did.

I wanted to dig deep and find out when the Jewish Day School movement actually began and who its founder was. That seemed to be something that most folks wouldn’t know about - and my instincts were spot on! I’ll save you the research, and you can see the answer with just one click HERE to watch an abbreviated version of my speech at L’chaim.


Have you seen our photos from the night? For a great view into L’chaim, take a glance at our photos HERE.

Special thanks to everyone who made the new Upper School building and the creation of our ONE AJA a reality. And thank you to those who were able to join us at the L’chaim event - it was a wonderful evening with our community, and I look forward to many more. Remember, “Our Future is Now!”


Rabbi Ari Leubitz

The Mensches in Our Halls
The Tightrope of Parenting


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