Our Mission

Atlanta Jewish Academy is a college preparatory, co-educational, Early Childhood - 12th Grade, independent Jewish Day School, guided by modern orthodox values and principles. We embody the ideals of community, tradition, individual development, and educational innovation. Atlanta Jewish Academy develops the whole person for college and life by fostering a love of Torah, Israel, and all Jewish people through an excellent secular and Judaic education within an inclusive, nurturing community.

The AJA School Divisions

ECD module
Early Childhood, Preschool & Kindergarten

At AJA Early Childhood, our children engage with the natural world, music, prayer and age-appropriate rituals, a rich variety of materials, the traditions of our ancestors, and are introduced to Hebrew.

LS module
Lower School

The Lower School builds on the basic skills from Early Childhood, enhancing students' creative and critical thinking abilities. Students move deeper into the mechanics of writing, math and reading comprehension.

middle school modules
Middle School

Our Middle School experience capitalizes on our students’ increasing ability to think abstractly. AJA encourages our students to develop complex strategies for thinking about the world in which they live.

hs module
Upper School

We focus on four areas: intellectual, social-emotional, physical, and religious-spiritual. To nurture the well-rounded student, in addition to academic excellence, we promote participation in sports, fine arts, and service learning.

Our AccomplishmentsAJA

Upper School General Studies Faculty with Advanced Degrees

AP Scores 3+

College/Yeshiva Acceptances

Students electing to spend a gap year in Israel

HOPE Qualifying Seniors